Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Earth, Helpless against the Assault

I really get upset when the subject of coal mining comes up. I KNOW there's alot of jobs banking on it. I KNOW there's alot of money involved but what kills me to think about it is what the mining companies are allowed to do to the earth. My dad's family is from one of the many WV counties that has much mining going on.
One of the practices that I just can't believe is still happening is pumping coal slurry, (a mineral and nasty crap toxic mixture that no human should ever be exposed to that's left behind from the mining process) into the earth through means of a *CONTROLLED* program. They pump it into abandoned mines to get rid of it. They have no where else to put it, they already have 100's of slurry ponds. Some really bright idiot thought that would be a great idea. No one would ever see it again if it was underground, right? WRONG. When you pump something underground you have no idea where it's going to go and where it will surface. The people living around there know. It's coming up through their wells and seeping into their land making life there literally worthless. Their land is worthless, their water is worthless and their health has been shown and proven to be suffering for it. there's countless reports from the medical community of miscarriages, cancer and kidney failure. Because the folks around there are simple country folk it doesn't seem to matter as much or be on the top of any one's agenda.
I'm so thankful I live where I don't have to look out my window and see them digging up a mountain top or have to deal with the coal dust settling all over my house and in my lungs everyday. I don't have to hear the explosions and feel the earth shake, helpless against the assault. I'm not without my own worries here though. The loggers here are ripping up the land and I was looking across the holler ( that's hillbilly for hollow btw) just the other day and can see where they have nearly cleared one mountain top across the way. You can even see the trails from where the heavy trucks are up and down off that mountain. Nobody's minding the store so to speak and they are raping it.

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