Monday, February 23, 2009

If you're gonna screw me.......

At least gimme a kiss!
That's what I have to say to Verizon Phone Company. I wouldn't even have a landline but unfortunately I have to have one so naturally, since I have Sooooo many phone companies I can choose from (yeah right) I went with Verizon. When I opened my account I told them "I don't use this phone for long distance so I don't need a long distance program included in my package". Ok, clear enough I thought.
So a few years go by and I start seeing these weird charges on my bill. It was labeled long distance shortfall charge. It started out just a few cents so I didn't say anything about it right away. It was one of those things that you're going to get around to but never do, yanno?. So anyway this charge keeps showing up on my bill month after month and it keeps increasing. Finally it hit the $10.00 mark and I hit the ceiling! I called them up to *discuss* it. In essense they said it's a charge that if you don't make so many long distance calls a month you have to pay.
What??!! You mean you're penalizing me for NOT making long distance phone calls? Yep that's about it. That's the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard. They did not have permission to change my account in any shape, form or fashion and I certainly did not tell them that "Yeah, please penalize me for not making long distance phone calls". It's another form of slamming.
As I've talked to other folks with Verizon they've seen the same thing pop up on their bills.
It should be ILLEGAL.

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